Course booking is binding

Course invoicing is handled through Klarna. The course can be canceled free of charge 14 days prior the course. Cancellations made after this are charged 50% of the course
price. If the course is canceled less than 24 hours before the start of the course or if it is not canceled at all, we charge the full price of the course fee. You can transfer your place to toher person free of charge.

4Payment Methods
We accept gift cards and Virike notes and cards (Ticket Virike and Ticket Duo). Obs. not Smartum! 

Are you paying with:


  • ePass - select ePassi
  • Edenred - select Edenred-kortti/Edenred-mobiili/Virike-seteli/kortti
  • Gift Card - select lahjakortti
  • Obs. we don't accept Smartum


After ordering, pleace pay directly on Edenred or ePassi web app. If you paid with Edenred, please email us what course the payment was for.

Irreversible courseplaces will be charged fully. In case lack of participants, the course will be cancelled. We will inform about cancellations latest 14 days prior the course. Septaria is not responsible for travelling+ expenses in case of cancellation. Fill out participants names on Order comments field in case you are payin for several persons. 

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