We offer kiln firing service for your ceramic work.


Customer leaves their name, number and firing description upon arrival. Bisque firing and glaze firing prices are the same. All work is fired within 1 week from ceding - during summer it may take longer. You can inquire your work's status via phone.


The customer is responsible when kiln or kiln ware is damaged by their work.  Wrecked oven plate is charged 25 €/plate and kiln damage accordingly. Please mind max temperatures and glaze drips.



Please leave raw-glazed work out of co-firings. Co-firing temperatues: bisque firing 950°, glaze firing 1040° (low) and glaze firing 1240° (high). Always reserve own kiln for raw glazing work.


You can also reserve your "own kiln" with customised temperature and programme. 


Need a hand? The staff can do the glazing for you. The glazing prices are from 25,00 € (incl. VAT 24 %)/0,5 h. The price work-specific. 




FIRING FEES (sis. alv 24 %)


Minimum fee:

20,00 €/firing, open studio clients 15,00 €

(50x50 cm kiln plate, height max. 15 cm)


Kiln 1) Round kiln 

Inner size: diameter 35 cm, height 40 cm

Whole kiln 38 €/firing


Kiln 2) Capacity 250 l. Shelf size 50 cm x 50 cm

Inner size: diameter 57 cm, depth 52 cm, height 70 cm

Whole kiln 72 €/firing


Kiln 3) Capacity 200 l. Shelf size 44 cm x 49 cm

Inner size: diameter 50 cm, depth 59 cm, height 72 cm

Whole kiln 68 €/firing


Kiln 4) Capacity 330 l. Shelf size 50 cm x 60 cm

Inner size: diameter 59 cm, depth 65 cm, height 76 cm

Whole kiln 78 €/firing

Note! Paperclay firings + 50 % to above mentioned prices!