Glazing technique 14.4.2019

Glazing technique 14.4.2019

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Sun 14.4.2019 from 11-15.00

Is glazing giving you a headache? How can I make it work?

Glazing basics is for studying ready-made glazes (powder and brush) and glazing techniques. The program include also wax decoration. You will learn what glazes are and things to consider while working with them.

For the course, take 10-15 bisque fired work (made from high firing clay). For example small test objects 10 x 10 cm.

The course fee includes teaching (in Finnish), all material, firing and vat 24%. Prior experience in claywork is not required.

  • Finished work can be colleted in 2 weeks
  • Please collect your work within 4 weeks
  • 8 participant
  • Teacher: ceramist Riitu Uosukainen

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