Theme: Wheel throwing and glazing techniques 10.4.-17.4.2019

Theme: Wheel throwing and glazing techniques 10.4.-17.4.2019

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Wed 10.4. from 17.15-20.00, Thur 11.4. from 17.15-19.15 and Wed 17.4.2019 from 17.15-19.15 (In Finnish, ask keramiikkakeskus@septaria if English guidance is possible)

We offer intensive ceramic courses. Our courses are excellent way to get to know different techniques and the fascinating wolrd of ceramics!

Wheel throw, turn, glaze and fall in love! You will learn how to center, wedge and shape objects. Second course day is about turning where all work bottoms are finished using potter's wheel. Final course day is for glazing. The course fee includes teaching (in Finnish), all material, firing and vat 24%. Prior experience in claywork is not required.

  • Finished work can be colleted in 2 weeks
  • Please collect your work within 4 weeks
  • Watch out for long nails - they'll make working trickier
  • 9 participant
  • Teacher: potter Mia Pitkänen

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