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Welcome to put your hands in clay at our Open Studio. Our studio might suit you if





Open Workshop Membership for Independent Working


At Septaria, there is an opportunity on weekdays to attend an open workshop for independent ceramic work. You can come to the open workshop by appointment after being assigned a shelf space. Working in the open workshop is independent, so you should have a basic understanding of ceramic making. You can acquire the fundamentals of ceramics, for example, by participating in a course that includes a glazing session.


As a participant at Septaria, you have the opportunity to purchase products from Kerasil Oy in our store and receive expert assistance in choosing clay and glazes, as well as small tips for immediate ceramic issues.




Appointment Booking


The open workshop operates by appointment, and you can schedule a time through our website. The booking system automatically displays available time slots.


You can book Tuesday evenings from 4:00 PM to 7:45 PM two weeks in advance. Every Tuesday, starting at 10:00 AM, new Tuesday evenings are opened for booking two weeks ahead.


New Workshop Members


To secure a workshop spot, you can register on the waiting list for the open workshop. You can join the waiting list by sending us an email at




Workshop Fees

The workshop fee can also be paid using Virike-etu, ePass, or Edenred.


Day Pass: €20

5-Session Card: €70

10-Session Card: €120

Private Instruction: €119 per hour for 1-2 people

Firing Fee for Workshop Participants: Starting from €18 (for a kiln shelf area of 50 x 50 x height 15 cm), discounted from the normal price of €24.


Individual Workshop Visit without a Shelf Space


If you don't need a personal shelf space and only want to visit the workshop to glaze your work and leave it for firing, contact us by email and let us know which weekdays suit you. We will check the availability and schedule a time. An individual workshop visit requires that you can work independently.


Private Lessons


When you need instruction to get started, you can arrange for a teacher to come to you starting from €119 per hour for 1-2 people. Private lessons are suitable when you have no experience in glazing or need more detailed guidance on throwing or other techniques. You can schedule a private lesson by sending a message to




Workshop membership


Booking Workshop Time: The open workshop operates by appointment. We will send a new customer a link via email to create an account and book time slots. Bookings are binding. Please cancel your reservation at least one business day before your scheduled workshop day. For same-day cancellations or no-shows, we charge the workshop fee or deduct from the workshop card.


You have access to all workshop tools: pottery wheels, exhaust cabinet, glazing sprayer, a wide range of molds, brushes, and other small tools.


Our bookshelf has literature and magazines on ceramics for reading.


Safety and Cleaning: In the open workshop, everyone is responsible for cleaning up after themselves. Tools are washed and put back in their places. Molds are wiped with a damp cloth and returned to the shelf. Tables and floors are wiped down to remove dust, and any splashes in the sink are cleaned. Sanding dry objects, mixing powdered glazes, and other dust-producing tasks are done in the exhaust cabinet. Ceramic dust can be harmful if inhaled, so everyone is responsible for maintaining cleanliness.


Shelf Space: You can keep a shelf space for three weeks without visiting the workshop. Everyone marks the date on the edge of their shelf when they visit. If you want to keep a shelf space for more than three weeks and can't visit the workshop yourself, you can pay for one workshop visit to keep the shelf space active. The staff will mark the date on your shelf in this case.


Firing Service: Workshop participants receive a discount on firing services. Workshop attendees transfer their finished pieces to the kiln room and are responsible for picking up their fired pieces. The pieces are usually fired within a week and stored for a month after firing.


Shared Workshop Glazes: Shared glazes are available for a fee. Clear glossy, white glossy, and blue-green Iskia high-fire powdered glazes are available in large buckets. With these shared glazes, you can easily and quickly achieve a neat dip glaze for bowls and small vessels. The cost of shared workshop glazes is determined by the size of the item: €2 for 10x10cm, €3 for 15x15cm, €4 for 20x20cm. If you use a glazing sprayer for shared glazes, there is an additional charge of €0.5 per item.


Workshop Fee includes Coffee and Tea